We thank our Insimbi rhino ambassadors for all that they do towards the conservation of the species.

We are nothing without our supporters.




Silver Creek School

We would like to give a shoutout to our Insimbi November ambassador @silvercreekschool.za

Silver Creek is a small private school in the North West province. Silver creek takes pride in helping their community and animals.

As you might know, our slogan is: conservation, protection and education. We are grateful to Silver creek for becoming involved with Insimbi and helping us conserve the species while educating our future generation on the importance of protecting rhino.

Thank you Silver Creek School for the generous donation made to Insimbi this year.


Natasha Tuinder & Zero Apploances

We would like to share a bit about an amazing company called Zero Appliances that we came across through this month’s ambassador Natasha Tuinder.

We are truly grateful for their contribution of solar geysers and a gas stove from Zero Appliances. At Insimbi we try to minimize energy usage and be as green as possible so these appliances are a perfect addition to our volunteer house.

Zero Appliances supplies a range of absorption and compressor camping fridges, commercial fridges, medical refrigerators, domestic refrigerators and electric cooler boxes. Zero appliances head office is based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

They have dedicated 60 years to professional design and improvement of quality refrigerators.

Zero Appliances designs to withstand the harsh African environment and minimize energy usage and maximize your buying power without having to sacrifice on the quality features.

If you are looking for any of the above-mentioned appliances then definitely go Zero!

We would like to extend our gratitude towards Natasha and her passion for Insimbi and our rhino.

As some of you might have read earlier this year in July, Natasha and the team from Zero Appliance generously donated a Zero Gas Geyser and a Four Plate Stove for our volunteer house.

We asked Natasha how we could collaborate to which she replied that she would like to get passionate people involved to make a significant change in protecting our rhino.


Veritas College

Ambassador for the month of September:
Veritas College is an exceptional school with passionate learners, teachers and headmasters.
We are extremely grateful to Veritas College for their constant support through the adoption of one of our gorgeous female rhino, Speranza.
A Walk for a Cause – Help A Ranger – Save A Rhino day was held at Veritas earlier this year in March. We were so overwhelmed with joy to see the students with their handmade rhino masks walking together in support of rhino conservation. We were given the opportunity to teach the students about rhino, the importance of conservation, and what we do.
That day was another important reminder of why it is so important to keep our rhino safe, to ensure the younger generation can grow up and enjoy the magnificent rhino species.
We are grateful for the generous donation of R10 000 from Veritas in March which went directly towards the protection of our rhino.
Veritas has shown their dedication, love and support and because of this we think they are the perfect candidate as our ambassador for September which is also known as “rhino month”.



Tom Coetzee & WPS

Insimbi Rhino Ambassadors for August:
Technology plays a huge role when it come to the protection of endangered species.
We have camera traps set up on the property and with the technology provided by WPS, we are able to detect any threats in real-time to prevent a poaching incident.
“The realisation that endangered wildlife needs all the help they can get to ensure their future existence. The role of technology improves all the time and will play a more vital role going forward.” – Tom Coestzee when asked what drives him and WPS to help conservation.

We are so grateful to Tom and WPS for their support. The technology provided is truly a game changer when it comes to fighting wildlife crime.


Tayla Jody Smit

Tayla is a wonderful woman who has been with Insimbi’s side for some time now.

She has helped Insimbi over the years to get recognized by publishing great articles about our organization and the projects that we run.

Tayla was introduced to Insimbi via our brand ambassador Sharon Jv Rensburg and we are grateful to have such an awesome journalist who has a passion for our rhino part of our Insimbi family.

We will be posting more about Tayla throughout the month.

Thank you Tayla!


Youth Month

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to those who donated towards our youth campaign.
We truly are grateful for each cent that is donated towards our gentle giants.
Your names will proudly be displayed for years to come in our rhino camp where our rhino roam.
Thank you
Fiona Kruger-Dobbins.
Elsie Parkin.
Carol Bestwick.
Reona Van Rooyen.
Corne aka Explore Babe.
S & L De Vos.
Aiden Blake.
Veritas College.
Sylvia Fick.
Danel Croukamp.
Demitra Raouna.
Corrie Prinsloo.
U & G Brandenberger Valmaggia.


Lynn Van Tonder & RUN/WALK FOR LIFE - Rustenburg

Run/Walk For Life is South Africa’s leading fitness and weight-loss programme, open to people of all fitness levels.
Run/Walk For Life Rustenburg, Lynn Van Tonder and Hetta Havenga all came together to run/walk in support of Insimbi Legcay Projects. Run/Walk For Life Rustenburg has helped us raise awareness and spread the word about rhino conservation within their group.
Lynn has been part of the Insimbi family for some time now and she has also joined us on the ground to help keep our rhino safe.
Lynn & the Run/Walk For Life Rustenburg team have hearts of gold and we are so incredibly proud and happy to have them with us on our journey!



LrXtreme is an independent Land Rover Workshop situated in the east of Pretoria.
LrXtreme have been there, done that and got the T-shirt to prove it! They have been on the ground with us to help us keep our rhino safe. All of us here at Insimbi vouch for lrXtreme and their fantastic team!
As you may have read in February, lrXtreme had offered to collect and bring our landy back to life and bring it back home to help us keep an eye on our big greys. Thank you to the team once again!
Thank you to the lrXtreme team for your support!


Ursula and Giovanni Brandenberger Valmaggia

Ursula and Giovanni are such wonderful people and have an immense passion towards animals. They have been through our dark and our brightest days. Ursuala and Giovanni are always ready to go and help us keep our gentle giants safe, no matter the weather!
Why are you passionate about rhinos?
“Not only passionate about rhinos but all animals and when they are threatened they must be protected, all of them. “
When and how did you become involved with Insimbi?
“About 2 years ago, attending a “Full moon” event”
Can educated help us combat poaching?
“Education is a key”
For two years they have been by our side, and as said in our previous post, thank you Ursula and Giovanni for all that you do for the team, our rhino and the project!


𝗟𝗼𝘂𝗶𝘀𝗲 𝗦𝗰𝗵𝗮𝗮𝗽

You might recognize Louise form posts from previous Adventure With A Cause weekends or by some of her posts about Insimbi and our rhino that we have shared to the page.
When we think of Louise, we think of the words 𝗯𝗿𝗮𝘃𝗲, 𝗞𝗶𝗻𝗱-𝗵𝗲𝗮𝗿𝘁𝗲𝗱 and 𝗽𝗮𝘀𝘀𝗶𝗼𝗻𝗮𝘁𝗲. Louise has been by Insimbi’s side amidst some of Insimbi’s tougher days in 2020. She has joined us in the fight against poaching by being on the front line with us.
We are very grateful to have
Louise Schaap
Neill Schaap
on our Insimbi team and would like to thank both of them for being there for us and our precious animals.
The Schaap family as well Reona Van Rooyen and @Charles Reed had helped us the last few days of 2020 by being on the property and keeping an extra eye on our rhino as December is a high risk period for poaching. We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to them for being by our rhino during this time.
Thank you Louise for all that you do!
We are excited to have you by our side in 2021.



Cobus Jv Rensburg

Cobus has been by Insimbi’s side for years now and we would like to say:
Thank you, for always being present throughout our journey!
Cobus has a deep love for our rhino! He also support his wife, our Brand Ambassador Sharon, behind the scenes with all her projects and throughout her journey with Insimbi.
It can be 2am in the morning,
Cobus will be there to help us patrol, monitor our rhino, lend a helping hand and so much more!!
We appreciate everything that he does and he is forsure a great candidate as one of our Rhino Ambassadors.
THANK YOU, Cobus!!


Ranger Jackson

Jackson is part of the
team. Rhino Guard is the external anti-poaching unit that protect our rhino and many other rhino in the Limpopo province. These men are passionate about their job and literally put themselves on the front line to keep these animals safe.
We have known Jackson for a long time and he knows and loves our rhino as much as we do. He knows each rhino’s name, their unique personalities, their habits and their history.
What made you decide to become and APU ranger?
“Because I want to be part of dedicated team that works to protect animals and nature against environmental crime.”
What is the most dangerous part of your job?
“Full moon is period tend to be high risk for poaching.”
Why do you do what you do?
“Easy target for the poaching of large Animals especially Rhinos and Elephants.”
We salute Jackson and all of the anti-poaching rangers all over the world who preform a selfless act by putting their lives on the line to protect endangered animals and conserve them for our future.


Dr Johan Marais

We are extremely excited to announce that our October Rhino Ambassador is Dr Johan Marais from Saving the Survivors! Dr Johan Marais has dedicated his life towards saving not only rhino but all endangered species.
Saving the survivors was founded by Dr. Johan Marais in 2012 in which their mission was to save endangered species that had suffered in the hands of poachers. They have helped and attended to on a variety of endangered species but focusing on rhino as they fall victim to poaching due to their horns sadly being in high demand.
Dr Johan Marais and his team have been a saving grace for all wildlife in need of critical veterinary care.
A bit about Dr Joahn Marias:
How are you involved with Rhino?
“General rhino work, as well as treatment of injured rhino and rhino poaching survivors.”
Why do you what you do for rhino?
“Both White Rhino and the Black Rhino have vastly different appeal to me. The somewhat
docile White Rhino is a pleasure to get up close to and appreciate not only the immense
size of the animal, but also the roughness of the skin on the torso compared to the soft
skin on the lips and limbs is something to appreciate. By getting close to them, one gets
a sense of how nimble and quick these large animals are. And of course the sounds that
the calves and even the adults make, which makes you think of the sound of a whale, is
just very special.
Black Rhino have attitudes and are so much more aggressive. To see an animal that size,
bounding towards you at incredible speed, with serious intent, is rather frightening but
equally exciting.”
What methods should be implemented in Private reserves to curb poaching?
“We should seriously consider starting to sell rhino horn internationally. We can make
the product/s in South Africa so that potential buyers fly to SA and spend their money in
SA, by staying in hotels, paying tax and supporting local business. This will afford the
opportunity to the private rhino owners to have an income to protect their rhino
Do you think the government should assist Private Rhino Owners with tax rebates or
“Absolutely. There is no doubt in my mind that the future of conservation in Africa lies in
private hands.”
“166 rhino have been poached during the first half of 2020, compared to 316 at the same
time in 2019. Of these, only 16 rhino belonged to the private sector, while 150 were lost
by the state. The Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries even claimed a
year ago that private rhino populations had increased by a third while Kruger’s rhinos
had declined by half.
Why are Private Rhino Owners therefore NOT supported more?”
We would like to say a BIG thank you to Dr Johan and the Saving the Survivors team for being just a phone call away to assist Insimbi Legacy Projects when needed.
Dr Johan is impeccable and truly puts the animal first.
We take our hats off to him and his team!


Kennedy Zakeer

As most of you know, world rhino day falls on the 22nd of September and because of this, we have chosen one of the bravest and most dependable rhino warriors to be our ambassador of this month.
Kennedy founded
Council of Contributors
in 2017 which is 100% dedicated towards saving and protecting rhino.
“We raise funds to support and collaborate with leading experts on the ground; rhino orphanages, anti-poaching units, rhino-centric veterinarians, private rhino owners and adult rhino rescue and rehabilitation.”
What inspired you to do what you do?
“What inspired me was the loss of two very special rhino calves I was a carer for in 2016 at an orphanage named Impy and Gugu. They were killed and their small horns hacked off just weeks before their release into the wild. That event changed my entire life and now I live to fight the good fight and give back to the species as a way that honors their short lives”
What methods should be implemented in Private reserves to curb poaching?
” Protecting rhinos is expensive and that’s a significant barrier for many people and methods; so if I had Superpowers, they would be used to get the South African government to help private rhino owners with tax breaks, and subsidize their expenses for keeping SA’s threatened species safe, healthy and fed.”
Do you think that education can help the problem?
“Absolutely. Education is a powerful channel for inspiring and motivating people to get involved and take action.”
Who is your target market for educational and awareness programs ?
“The whole world! Who among us can’t do something to help, who among us can turn a blind eye once they know what’s happening to our rhinos?”
“Big things happen when we all do our small part. Whatever cause moves you – be a DO’er in this world and contribute something back to it. It’s a privilege to walk around this planet, but we must do it with awareness and care to raise the positive vibration. Once people are truly awake and conscious, they cannot destroy or disrespect nature… or kill a rhino”
A truly inspiring, motivated and strong woman who will let nothing stop her from helping the species.
Kennedy and Council of Contributors have supported Insimbi Legacy Projects a number of times by donating funds for equipment, anti-poaching, ariel surveillance and much more. She has personally made a massive difference in many rhino’s lives.
Thank you Kennedy and Council of Contributors for ALL that you do for the rhino species. We take our hats off to you!


Elsie Ella Parkin

Elsie has an incredibly big heart and a ton of courage. Elsie has joined us to personally help protect our rhino alongside the Insimbi team and our anti-poaching rangers. She walked the same path as our rhino and kept a close eye on them with us.
Elsie has also donated generously towards funding our APU and helped us keep them on the ground to keep the rhino safe during some of the most difficult and straining months for Insimbi due to COVID- 19. THANK YOU.
She is also a monthly virtual adopter of one of our incredibly unique rhino – Marula. This will help keep him and his crash protected from poachers.
THANK YOU Elsie for all that you have done for Insimbi and our rhino. Your help is immensely appreciated by the whole team.


Craig Campbell

Craig has been by standing with the Insimbi team for a long while now. He is always just a phone call away when we need help. We thank you Craig for all that you have done for Insimbi. He recently came to our rescue when our lister packed up and personally helped fill the watering cribs up with fresh water for our rhino. He has also kept a very close eye on our rhino by setting up his tent only a few metres from our gentle giants.
“So a short story on how I got involved with Insimbi
Always been a lover of the bush and when ever I get the gap to go camp in the bush and be with the animals I take the gap.
About 6 years ago went to the farm after a long time not going and when landing up at the waterhole with the rhinos one day , it was then that I decided that these animals need help to be protected and looked after.
So now when I get a chance I try make my way to the bush to get to all the animals and the rhinos 🦏
Thank you for always helping us Craig and Craig Camphell plumbing! We truly appreciate you being there for the Insimbi team and our rhino.


Sherrie Malcolm

Sherrie has been with Insimbi through thick and thin. She is extremely passionate about our rhino and saving the species. She has been part our team for a while now and has helped us spread awareness about the reality of poaching and why it is so important to protect these amazing animals. Sherrie has personally helped conserve our rhino.

Thank you Sherrie for your passion and dedication for Insimbi and all that we stand for.


Fiona Dobbins-Kruger

We would like to thank Fiona for her involvement with Insimbi Legacy Projects.

Fiona has helped us by sponsoring mugs with a rhino design which were sold for mothers day and came up with the R100 challenge to raise much needed funds for our anti-poaching unit.

“Among the things in my life I thank my Dad & Mom, the love they gave me..and more so Dad for animals. My heart would be emptier, and life would be less without them”

Thank you Fiona for helping us keep our rhino safe!

By standing united we can save the species!


Shawu Photography

We would like to say thank you to SHAWU Photography for their dedications towards Insimbi Legacy Projects.

They have have personally stood on the front line with us when protecting our rhino.

We know that we can count on them, day and night.

By standing united we can save the species!


Ginger Love

Thank you Anel and Ginger Love for the sponsorship of energy boosters and supporting Insimbi Legacy Projects!

We are incredibly happy to have this company as part of our Insimbi team!

We believe by working together, hand in hand, we can save the species!




Ettienne Soekoe.

Where do we start? Ettienne and Sandy Soekoe have been with us through thick and thin.
We have decided to make Ettienne December rhino ambassador as an anniversary mark of the incredible race that he cycled for us last year December -The Nedbank Desert Dash. Ettienne cycled  369km in under 24 hours across the world’s oldest desert in support of Insimbi Legacy Projects. Ettienne raised awareness and much-needed funds for rhino protection. Ettienne and Sandy Soekoe have been proud supporters of Insimbi Legacy Projects and have personally assisted on patrols to keep our Rhino safe.
Thank you Ettienne and Sandy for all that you do for Insimbi Legacy Projects.


Lianie and Nicole Mostert.

We usually only have one ambassador a month but this power couple is an exception.
Lianie and Nicole are exceptional people with hearts of gold.
Where you find Lianie, you will always find Nicol nearby or visa Versa.
They have helped us protect our rhino and are always a phone call away when we need extra boots on the ground.
Thank you for all that you do for Insimbi Legacy Projects


Michael Retief.

Michael has been with us for a long time now and is an incredible young man. He has helped us with many things but often assists us with our Adventure With A Cause weekend. Always ready to give a helping hand and go the extra mile. He has spent many days watching over our rhino with us.
Thank you, Michael, for your dedication and passion towards Insimbi Legacy Projects!


WK van der Merwe.

A youngster with a heart of gold!
WK is very committed to saving the species and always up to come and see our rhino. WK and his family joined us one weekend and he showed such interest and love towards our rhino.
He is a true rhino warrior!
Thank you to WK and family for being amazing people!


Cobus J van Rensburg.

This is a man that had done and seen it all.
Cobus is a very dedicated rhino warrior and always helps us where he can wether it be spreading the word about Insimbi, patrolling day and night, watching over our rhino or coming up with new ways to help save these animals.
No matter what time of day, Cobus is always willing to come out and protect our rhino.
He has had many adventures with us and always eager to be on the front line.Thank you Cobus J van Rensburg!
We are blessed to have you and your family become part of our Insimbi family.


Emma Sinclair.

Emma is a very talented musician all the way from Australia! Emma will be helping assist Insimbi Legacy Projects by being hands-on and with her boots on the red African soil.

“Having seen every David Attenborough documentary in existence, my dream was always to see African animals with my own eyes. Singing allows me to travel this region, so I’ve taken any chance I could get to be in the bush! Rhino are magnificent animals that must be protected, and having been here for a few days and having seen the effort that goes into their safety, I want to help this fantastic organization in any way I can. “

Emma has a great project that she has in mind for Insimbi and we will be revealing this project throughout the month.

“I’m beyond excited to be apart of this, and just want to help in any way I can.”

Thank you Emma for being apart of the Insimbi team! We are excited to see what this month will unfold!


Christopher Nicholls.

Christopher is a supporter of Insimbi and had helped us achieve one of our goals by contributing towards a drone that is used out the field to help locate and monitor our rhino. Thank you, Christopher, for your contatnt support and help towards the conservation of our rhino.


Anru Botes.

Anru and his family have personally helped towards saving rhino. Anru has joined us and had his boots on the red sand to watched over our rhino.

Anru’s age?
7 years old.

How did Anru become involved in the conservation of rhino?
“Anru has his Facebook page (Anru’s dream for rhinos /Anru se droom vir renosters) and a recycling project for the rhino.

What inspired Anru to love rhino?
“When Anru was smaller he loved dinosaurs and one day he saw a rhino and since then he is in love with them. Maybe a little obsessed 

A very young and dedicated rhino warrior!
Thank you Anru, Angelique and the whole Botes family for all you do towards the protection and conservation of the species.


Sharon jv Rensburg.

Sharon is the very definition of a Rhino Warrior!

Sharon and her family have been in the front line many of times and have personally been out in the bushveld protecting our precious rhino.We believe that Sharon is the perfect candidate for this months rhino ambassador.Thank you Sharon for all your dedication towards saving the species!


Lize-Miri Collen.

Lize-Miri is a true young rhino warrior and we believe that this makes her the perfect candidate for this months rhino ambassador.

Your Age?
17.How are you involved with Rhino?
I did a school project and since that week I visited the Insimbi Legacy Projects whenever I got a chance.What inspired you to get involved with Insimbi Legacy Projects?
I never liked poachers and I never understood why they poached the animals so one day I just decided that from today on I’m going to do my best to make a difference. I decided no more poaching while I’m alive and I’ll always try to prevent poaching.What would you do to stop rhino poaching?
I’ll visit the farm and help patrol the farm fences.Who do you think is the target market for educational and awareness programs?
Young people, because they still have a whole future in front of them.

Thank you Lize-Miri for your efforts and dedication towards the conservation of the species!


Margaret George.

How are you involved with Rhino?
In 2018 I created a year long fundraising initiative called @MilesforRhino
which raised over $2,000 for nonprofit wildlife conservation organizations.What inspired you to love rhino?
I aspire to become a Wildlife Conservation Analyst and Criminal Investigator here in the States and abroad.
I want to use my education, experiences, and background to create lasting change in wildlife conservation and anti-poaching
efforts.What would you do to stop rhino poaching?
Anything! From education, awareness, and fundraising to legislative change state-side and aboard, to a worldwide
cultural change on how people view the wildlife trade, poaching and the sale of illegal ivory.Do you think that education can help towards the conservation of the species?
Yes, education and awareness is key.”One person can make a difference. When I started @MilesforRhino it was a simple personal challenge and overtime
it transformed into something amazing – a group of 11 people who were passionate about wildlife conservation and
rhino, who wanted to make a difference!”

Thank you Margaret for your efforts and dedication towards the conservation of the species!