Dehorning, a sad but necessary step that needs to be taken to reduce the risk of these animals being killed.

The reality is that by cutting their horns off, we make these animals less of a target and devalue them in a poachers eyes. To us, however, horn or no horn – these animals are invaluable. We all are in agreement that we wish we could let our rhino grow these majestic long horns but dehorning is the best deterrent to a poacher at this time and a way of keeping our rhino as safe as possible.

Thank you to each and every person who was involved in making this a success. You all have a very special place in our hearts!
We are so thankful to have had both Saving the Survivors and Council of Contributors join us on the ground where we collared and dehorned our rhino to reduce the risk of poaching.


Two words we would use to describe Kennedy Zakeer: Determined and passionate.
This a woman who pours her heart and soul into the cause. Kennedy has an immense love for rhino and putting in her all to make sure that we can conserve the species.
She knows that the animal is worth more than it’s horn and why it is so important to keep them alive, not only for our future generations but also for our current generation who has never seen a rhino in the wild.
Please like and follow Council of Contributors and become a contributor as they are always by our side willing to help us protect our animals.
Thank you to CoC and their contributors for donating an amazing $5,110.00 / R85,000 !!!
This amount covered tracking collars helicopter, pilot and fuel.

A massive thank you to Kennedy and Council of Contributors for making this all possible and being by our rhinos side the entire time. We can see your true passion for the species.


The procedure went smoothly and done extremely professionally by our October Rhino Ambassador and phenomenal vet Dr Johan Marais. Thank you to Saving the Survivors team for always treating our rhino with the best care possible.
Saving the Survivors do amazing work in the wildlife conservation field and we take our hats off to Dr Johan who ALWAYS puts the animal’s well being first.
Thank you to Saving the Survivors for donating their time and veterinarian supplies and taking the utmost best care of our rhino during the procedure.

Please like and follow Saving the Survivors to see the amazing work they are doing to keep animals safe from poaching.