volunteer at insimbi


Join the Insimbi team for a few weeks to learn about a variety of species and what goes into keeping our rhino safe on a daily basis.

Volunteering at Insimbi means you get to be a part of our team, keep an eye on these precious animals, help keep them safe in various ways from fence patrols/ maintenance and monitoring their behavior, checking up on our bush cameras and more.

We also have a variety of wildlife to enjoy and observe.
By volunteering, YOU are part of saving the species.


 ⦁ Learn from your qualified field guide and volunteer co-ordinator Michelle about the reserves ecology, biology as well as interesting animal behaviors, the importance of habitat restoration and how we can all play a part in nature conservation for future generations.

⦁ Learn about the ongoing rhino poaching crisis from experts in the anti-poaching field, the methods that are currently employed to combat poaching, and the importance of saving the species

⦁ Learn how to track animals with radio antenna and GPS as well as conventional methods like spoor, signs of movements, and even which birds indicate the presence of a specific animal.



Volunteers are asked to be ready for pickup at 10am on Monday morning at Johannesburg International Airport (JHB) you will be picked up and taken to Insimbi legacy project ( about 4.5 hrs) There is accommodation at or near the airport if you fly in earlier, please contact us for details. Once on the farm you will be given a quick tour of your rooms, you can settle in and unpack and enjoy dinner round the fire as dusk settles on your first night on the reserve listening to the iconic sound of fiery-necked nightjars calling.


We start our day with a team meeting to learn more about the project. We will have an important orientation, safety and security briefing as well as answer any questions you may have. We will then head out into the field and you can meet our beautiful Rhino as well as our other wildlife.


Our daily routines will vary according to what’s needed and weather, we will get eyes on our rhino every single day and then you will get to experience the following activities over the course of your stay: game drives, night drives, sleeping under the stars, tracking rhino on foot, farm work and camera trap use. Most days we will come home for lunch and for a swim if its hot (its always hot)


Saturdays are an opportunity to explore the surrounding area, there is a stunning nature reserve which is home to the biggest breeding colony of Endangered Cape Vultures in the world, we can hike to the top of the colony and look down on the nests as well as take in breath-taking views. You may also want to visit local hot-springs, with mineral baths, spa and 3 pools. Other options are available, just chat with Michelle. We will also pass through town for any shopping you may need to do.


Your day of rest, feel free to walk to the lodge and use the swimming pool or just catch up with friends and family online. Sundays you will be responsible for your own lunch and dinner so it is nice to cook with the rest of the group in our lovely outdoor kitchen and sit around the fire together.


Your final weekend on the farm will be packed with action and adventure as you join in on our AWAC program. The 3-day program is designed to take you behind the scenes and learn first-hand what our specialised anti-poaching team faces on a daily basis. You will spend the weekend with our top-class facilitators who will share their knowledge and skills with you in areas such as navigation, survival skills, combat casualty care and tactical shooting in the adrenaline packed bush-lane. You will also join in our full moon foot patrol experiencing the bush with only the light of the moon to guide you. There is a simulated operational deployment to put your new skills to the test!


You will be picked up and taken to OR Tambo International Airport in time for your flight/transfer. We hope that you leave Insimbi with unforgettable memories, new friends, a greater understanding of what it takes to keep our wildlife safe here in Africa and tonnes of new skills and information.


12 – 31 January

7 – 29 February

2 – 23 May

6 – 27 June

4 – 25 July

1 – 22 August

5 – 26 September

3 – 24 October

1 – 21 November

1 – 19 December


100.00 USD per day

85.00 EURO per day

R1560.00 per day

(Fixed three week program)


  • Daily activities
  • Training
  • Training materials
  • 3 meals a day (except for Sunday lunch and dinner)
  • Accommodation
  • Water
  • Laundry once a week
  • Conservation fees
  • Adventure With A Cause experience
  • Bushveld sleep out


  • Flights to and from South Africa
  • Transport costs to property ( available at extra fee)
  • Excursions
  • Drinks
  • Snacks

To end off your stay, you will take part in our high-intensity Adventure With A Cause weekend.

If you are unable to participate in this experience, please let us know.


Dates that you are interested in volunteering.
If yes, we will add a quote for transportation to and from OR International airport.