June 3, 2019

Adopt a Rhino

Adopt a rhino or part of.

If you would like to adopt one of our rhino – 100% of all contributions will go towards his well-being.

Your contribution will help us pay our external anti-poaching unit who are on the front line protecting our rhino.

Your contribution will help buy his or her food during the winter months.

No amount is too small or too big –  you decide on the monthly contributions.

Ideally we are looking at R6500 per rhino Per month, But every cent counts.

By adopting one of our rhino you are DIRECTLY helping protecting him/her against poachers.

What you will receive in return

Adopt a part of a rhino (Any monthly contribution):

  • A monthly update on your chosen rhino.

  • Picture and videos of your rhino on a monthly basis.

Adopt a rhino (R6500.00):

  • A monthly update on your chosen rhino.

  • An adoption certificate.

  • Picture and videos of your rhino on a monthly basis.

  • If you cover the full cost for 12 months (R6500 per a month) you will be able to join us on an Adventure With A Cause experience in which you will be able to see your rhino in person and personally help protect him or her for a weekend.

Choose your rhino


Rhino “S”

Rhino “S”was shot in 2014 in a poaching attempt.

Our dedicated team spent many days treating her wound.

She is now doing well and has recovered, because of this she is deep in our hearts.






Rhino “F”

Rhino “F” is the oldest and largest male of the crash.

He is a gentle giant and is extremely laid back. You can often find rhino “F” walking by himself or sleeping under a tree near the rest of the crash.




Adopt your rhino today

Rhino "S"Rhino "F"

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